Il Colosseo  8658 Maurice Duplessis, Montréal QC H1E 3L1, 514-648-9323.

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We are presently servicing 7 schools and 7 daycares throughout the Montreal region. School meals have never tasted better and we are proud to offer students and kids a great range of delicious, healthy meals made with  high quality ingredients.

Fresh, delicious and affordable -

Why not give Il Colosseo a go?
IL Colosseo & Catering is a charming little place that offers personalized service. With more than 20 years experience in the Reception Hall business we will ensure that your event will be satisfying.

In addition to being a great long lasting reception hall, IL Colosseo is also an exceptional catering company, offering in house and off site catering with a passion for delicious food and great service.