Il Colosseo  8658 Maurice Duplessis, Montréal QC H1E 3L1, 514-648-9323.

In addition to being a great long lasting reception hall, IL Colosseo is also an exceptional catering company, offering in house and off site catering with a passion for delicious food and great service. For all those extra services that can give your celebration a special touch. To give your event the exclusivity you´re looking for, please contact us, we will meet all of your specific needs.
Il Colosseo is the first choice contract caterer in the Montreal area for catering in the business, industry and education sectors.

We pride ourselves on being professional catering contractors and we are passionate about our food. Our aim is always to serve fresh, high quality, locally sourced products that can be cooked on site  for our clients.
We cater for:
Daycare Centres: You have enough to think about in running a childcare centre, let us take care of the nutritional aspect of your program!  Read More....

Schools: Our menus are carefully chosen to meet certain criteria such as eliminating the most common food allergies and providing the four essential food groups..
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In House and Off Site: IL Colosseo is also an exceptional catering company, offering in house and off site catering with a passion for delicious food and great service.

Summer camps: We offer Camp Program Directors the option to customize their summer camp menu by choosing between two choices each day. Like our childcare catering and schools hot meal program, the meals are prepared according to our weekly well-balanced meals. The summer camp menu can also be prepared to include out door activities and field trips
Hot foods kept hot, cold foods kept cold with thermal food transporting systems, and counter top warmers provided at locations where needed. The meals are prepared in a kitchen that is regularly inspected, and prepared in the strictest adherence to the health board guidelines, and food safety procedures.

Temporary Catering: For childcare centres, schools, and others that have in house cooks, we provided short term catering services such as vacation relief, sick leaves, and renovation relief.
As a professional catering company, we make it easy to transition from in-house cooking to catering for as long or as little time you need.

Home/Corporate Catering: Our catering is based on our many years experience in the reception hall business.
From the comfort of your home or office you can host many parties with the only task of calling us! 
  • Pick up food ready to eat
  • Delivery food ready to eat
  • Waiter/bartender services
  • Dishware/utensils/glassware
  • Tables/chairs/linen

Food that is tasty, hot, and well presented at your service!

Picnic/BBQ: We arrive with every thing you need to host a family picnic, or corporate BBQ.

And don't forget about our Reception Halls: Il Colosseo event makers, expert at creating the perfect occasion, whether it's a one-night-only gala or a wedding reception, offer a complete range of event services.

We have spaces ranging from 3000 ft² to 30,000 ft²... Read More